Common Myths About Conjunctivitis

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Conjunctivitis Treatment Lynwood CASay the word “conjunctivitis,” and many people do not know what it means. Say “pink eye,” though, and everyone recognizes the condition. As common as conjunctivitis is, there are still many myths about the condition.

Myth #1: Pink Eye is an Infection of the Eyelids

The red eyes that occur during conjunctivitis make many people believe that it affects the eyelids. This is partially true, but pink eye also involves an infection of the eye surface.

Myth #2: Red Eyes Always Mean Conjunctivitis

Due to the contagious nature of pink eye and how easily it spreads, a lot of people are extra cautious when evaluating the color of a person’s eyes. Redness can be the result of many factors, such as irritants, crying and sensitivity to light. Other eye conditions may cause the same pinkish coloration of the eyes, such as glaucoma and abrasions on the surface of the eyes.

Myth #3: Avoid All Contact

Only certain types of pink eye are contagious. If you have conjunctivitis, you only need to stay home for the first 24 hours.

Myth #4: Do Not Use Anything That Touched Your Eyes

Some items do need to be disposed of after you find out that you have pink eye, but it is limited to those things that had direct contact with the eyes, such as contact lenses, saline solution, and makeup products. Towels, washcloths, and bedding only need to be washed before you use them again.

Myth #5: There is Only One Type of Conjunctivitis

“Conjunctivitis” is a broad medical term that describes irritation in the eyes, but not all cases of eye irritation are pink eye. If your eyes feel sensitive and are red, it may be caused by:

  • Allergens in the air
  • Dust and other particulates in your eyes
  • Bacterial infections that produce discharge and swelling
  • Viral infections, the actual cause of pink eye

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