Top Tips for Protecting Your Eyes this Summer

protect your eyes this summerThe weather is starting to warm up, which is a welcome change from the cold and blustery winter months. No doubt you’ve got spring (and summer) fever and are ready to take a trip to the beach or go on that long-awaited vacation. What you’re probably not thinking about is how to protect your eyes during the summer months. Nonetheless, it’s something to think about. That’s because yard work, UV rays and pool chemicals all put your eyes at risk for damage. To keep them safe this summer, check out the following tips:

Don’t Forget the Shades
Not surprisingly, sunglasses give you much-needed protection against the sun, especially when it reflects off of sand or water. Be sure to choose sunglasses with 100% UVA and UVB protection to ensure your eyes don’t burn on sunny AND overcast days. That’s right; harmful rays can still cause damage as they penetrate through clouds.

Wear a Hat
In conjunction with sunglasses, wear a hat to efficiently shield your eyes from the sun. Choose one with a wide brim to make sure you’re protecting yourself against the sun’s harmful rays.

Eat Right
Foods that are essential to protecting and improving your vision are those rich in vitamin C, Vitamin E and zinc, as they help prevent eye disease. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water because staying hydrated help produces tears and protect against dry eyes.

Be Wary of Chemicals
Outdoor fun is the name of the game in the summertime, but it’s also a time for outdoor projects. Protect yourself against any harmful chemicals like varnish or spray paint by wearing protective eyewear at all times and handling these solutions with caution.

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