Do you Know the Truth About Cataracts?

  • Posted on: Sep 15 2017
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Cataract Surgery Lynwood, CAMillions of people are affected by clouding of the eye’s natural lens. Cataracts have been discussed as one of the leading causes of vision loss among adults, which can send a wave of panic through your mind should you experience even the early warning signs of this condition. Part of what we do in our four Los Angeles area offices is provided relevant information to prevent unnecessary worry. Here, we want to touch on a few of the common misperceptions people have about cataracts.

Cataracts are problem for the elderly.

Statistics do demonstrate a prevalence of cataracts among the over-65 age group. To believe that a younger person is not at risk for this condition, though, could lead to a lack of early care. It is possible to be born with cataracts, and it is possible to develop this accumulation of proteins on the lens at any point in life. The earlier that warning signs of cataracts can be identified; the more opportunity there is for management, which might slow progression.

Cataracts are a surface problem.

The clouded lens of a cataract-affected eye has accumulated protein, which can easily give the impression that these tiny particles are on the surface. They are not. They are enmeshed within the eye’s lens, which causes hardening. When there is a perception of cataracts being on the surface, there may be confusion about how to treat them. Cataracts themselves are not something we remove; surgical treatment involves lens replacement.

Eye strain should be avoided to keep cataracts from worsening.

Cataracts are not related to eye strain in the way that many people believe. The idea that straining to read or observe an object may stem from the fact that people with cataracts often feel worse when they do strain. This sensation is usually temporary and does not indicate faster progression of the spread of proteins on the lens.

The team at Shammas Eye Medical Center provides comprehensive diagnostic testing for and treatment of cataracts in a comfortable, friendly environment. Contact us in Downey, Whittier, La Habra, or Lynwood to schedule a thorough eye exam and discussion of your eye health.

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