What Can I Expect during Recovery Following Cataract Surgery?

Dr. H. John Shammas and his team of Shammas Eye Medical Center in Southern California believe in providing patients with the services they need to enjoy sharp, reliable vision. When eye care problems develop, such as cataracts, patients need to work with an eye care professional to seek effective treatment as soon as possible. Cataracts can impact a patient’s daily life, but there is a solution available. With cataract surgery, patients can restore their vision and address cataracts permanently. The procedure is brief, painless, and does not require extensive downtime following surgery.

What can I expect after cataract surgery?

Healing from cataract surgery can take a few weeks for patients to reach their vision’s full potential. Immediately after the procedure, most patients are groggy due to the sedative medication they are given in addition to anti-anxiety medication often used to help patients relax. This sedative will often wear off before patients leave the surgery center. Patients should arrange transportation back home and should avoid watching television or reading the day of the surgery. Patients should take it easy, relax, and have someone at home to help them as they recover. Patients should avoid rubbing their eyes and touching them during this time.

The day after the procedure, patients can use their eyes for reading and watching TV. Patients may notice some glare and halos around lights. This is perfectly normal and often diminishes after a few days. Patients often note some discomfort of the eyes, and may experience a sensation of their eye being itchy or gritty. This, too, is normal and is typically resolved with the use of the prescribed eye drops given to patients when they leave the surgical center.

Approximately one week or so after cataract surgery, patients may see residual halos and experience sensitivity in their eyes. However, with each day, these symptoms will decrease. Dr. H. John Shammas will often evaluate patients to determine if they can return to their normal activities. When patients follow their post-operative care instructions, they will often enjoy a fast and speedy recovery!

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