When to Consider Surgery for the Treatment of Cataracts

  • Posted on: Aug 15 2019
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Cataract surgery is sometimes an option for patients who have moderate to severe cataracts that are negatively impacting their vision and their quality of life. At Shammas Eye Medical Center, patients in and around the Southern California area can visit with Dr. H. John Shammas to discuss cataract surgery.

Overview of cataract surgery

Cataract surgery is sometimes the only way cataracts can be treated. This procedure is designed for the removal of the eye lens and replacement with an artificial lens. The surgery is performed because of the cloudy lens that occurs with the development of cataracts. An ophthalmologist will offer this outpatient procedure for patients who want to permanently address cataracts and perhaps avoid the use of prescription eyeglasses and contacts. The procedure is safe, effective, and provides reliable results.

When to consider cataract surgery

Many patients who have cataracts may be able to address them with vision correction options. However, they can become severe enough to require surgical intervention to address. Patients who are determining if the time is right for cataract surgery may need to determine how much the condition is impacting their life. Does the patient have difficulty properly performing their job duties? Does the patient have difficulty driving because of cloudiness and glare? Does the patient have problems with reading a book or watching TV because of their cataracts? Does the patient have changes to their vision that is impacting their level of independence? These are all questions that a patient can answer to decide if they should move forward with cataract surgery. When patients are experiencing continued problems with their cataracts, they need to schedule a consultation with their eye doctor to learn more.

Schedule a visit with Dr. H. John Shammas today to discuss cataract surgery

Shammas Eye Medical Center has three convenient locations in the Southern California area and encourages new patients to book an evaluation and appointment with our providers to discuss vision health. From routine eye examinations to cataract surgery, we offer a myriad of solutions for our patients to consider in enhancing their vision and improving the health of their eyes!

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