Preventing Dry Eye During the Winter Months

  • Posted on: Jan 15 2016
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The winter chill is here, and with it, the increase of dry eye. When the temperatures start to drop, it’s important to protect your eyes. Here’s what you can do to prevent your eyes from dryness:
Dry Eyes This Winter

  1. Use artificial tears. Tear substitutes or artificial tears are an effective way to relieve dry eye irritation and discomfort. It’s best to talk with your doctor about the artificial tears formula that’s right for you. If you choose an over-the-counter medication, avoid eye drops that are intended to remove redness, as they may actually cause more irritation.
  2. Keep the air moisturized. Indoor heating is a leading cause of dry eye. Using a humidifier puts moisture back into the air and can restore some comfort to your eyes.
  3. Wear eye protection. Sunglasses and goggles are recommended when you go outdoors in the winter time. This helps prevent excess light, dust and other particles from irritating your eyes.
  4. Use a damp washcloth. When your eyes feel strained and dry, it can help to put a warm, damp washcloth over them for a few minutes to relieve strain and add moisture.
  5. Drink green tea. Chrysanthemum tea and green tea are known to benefit your eyes and protect against eye strain.
  6. Increase your Omega-3 fatty acids. A diet rich in omega-3 has been shown to help dry eye sufferers. Consider taking fish oil or increasing your intake of cold-water fish like halibut, salmon and tuna.
  7. Temporary punctual occlusion. When dry eye is severe, it’s sometimes necessary to plug up the natural drain that the eyelid uses to remove tears from your eyes. This is done using silicone, and is considered a last resort option when other methods are not successful.

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