What To Do About Dry Eye In The Spring

  • Posted on: Mar 23 2015
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Dry EyeAlthough everyone loves spring, many people may suddenly be facing dry eye, which can make it difficult to enjoy the warm weather. Those with allergies experience the symptoms once spring arrives, and it can make the beautiful warm weather frustrating. Finding the cause of dry eyes can help to choose the right treatment option to get rid of symptoms and allow people to fully enjoy the warm weather.

What Causes Dry Eyes?

In almost all cases, dry eyes are related to allergies. In some cases, allergies lead to dry eyes, while in others dry eyes can lead to allergies. Dry eye in the spring is generally caused to exposure to allergens like pollen. When these allergies get into the eye, the eye doesn’t have enough tear ducts to remove them, which causes the eyes to dry.

It’s important to refrain from rubbing dry eyes when they occur. Even though it may feel better to rub the eyes, it causes symptoms to worsen. Rubbing the eyes can also cause damage to the cornea, which can lead to serious complications. If dry eyes are itchy, use artificial tears in the form of eye drops. These drops provide the eyes with the moisture they need to prevent drying out.

How to Treat Dry Eye

Don’t let the burden of dry and itchy eyes prevent enjoyment of the fresh spring weather. Once dry eyes are present, there are various treatment options available aimed at providing moisture to the eye. An indoor humidifier reduces the amount of dry air inside, which works to provide moisture to the eyes and reverse the dry itchy feeling.

Finding the cause of dry eyes is the best treatment for the problem. Some people experience chronic dry eye, while others suffer from mild symptoms. Pollen, pets, and smoke are three of the most common allergens and the treatment depends on what type of allergy is causing the problems. One the problem is found, a highly skilled expert can determine what methods of treatment are best. Some patients find they are able to find complete relief once they treat their allergies, while others find that further treatment is needed, such as daily water lubricants.

Do You Struggle With Dry Eye? Contact Shammas Eye Medical Center Today

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