How to Prevent a Stye

  • Posted on: Jul 15 2018
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Eye Conditions Lynwood CAYou’re lucky if you’ve never had a stye. Those small, red bumps that sit inside or on the eyelid can be sore, painful, and unsightly. Generally, they go away on their own after a few days, but we have a few tips to help speed along the process, and hide them if you’re unable to stay home while it heals.

Styes generally result from bacteria entering the glands in your eyelids and mixing with dead skin cells, thus leading to a clogged and inflamed pore (similar to a pimple on the skin). Essentially, if it looks like a pimple is on your eyelid, you are probably looking at a stye. They are tender, red, and are filled with pus. No, they don’t sound fun at all!

Helping It Heal

Keep your eyes as clean as possible. Removing the crusty buildup will help your eye breathe and heal faster. Wear your glasses instead of contacts while you have a stye, and throw out the contacts you were wearing when you got the stye. Wash your hands before cleaning your eye with a warm, wet washcloth or cotton swab, and don’t reuse the same one throughout the day.

Preventing Styes

Understanding what may have caused the stye in the first place might help prevent styes in the future. If you’ve touched your nose and then your eye, you may have introduced bacteria that instigated your stye. Actually, if you don’t wash your hands right before you touch your eyes, you might be putting yourself at risk for styes.

Using old cosmetics that are either past their expiration date or have been used by someone else can also contribute to styes. If you have mascara older than six months, eye shadow that’s been used by friends, or eyeliner that you don’t remember buying because you’ve had it for so long, toss them! Losing out on a few dollars of unused product isn’t worth putting your eyes at risk.

Keeping your eyes clean will help prevent styes in the future. Make sure to wash your hands before you ever touch your eyes, and change your contact solution daily.

If you have a stye that is affecting your vision or is getting worse, give us a call today to schedule a consultation. Please dial 310-638-9391 for our Lynwood location, 562-862-4444 for our Downey location, 562-690-8887 for our La Habra location, and 562-464-0590 for our Whittier location.

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