How to Know if your Child has a Vision Problem

  • Posted on: Feb 15 2018
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pediatric eye care Lynwood, CAYoung children are likely unaware if they have eye problems. This is why regular eye exams are so vital to ensuring that your child has proper vision health. Congenital eye conditions like a lazy eye or crossed eyes can have a major impact on the development of eyesight. Early detection of these and other eye problems are essential to maintaining healthy vision into adulthood.

In many states, a vision exam is required before a child starts public school. Even if your pediatrician gives your child a clean bill of vision health, you still need to be cognizant of the signs of vision problems.

Symptoms of vision problems in children

If your child demonstrates any of the following signs, schedule a pediatric eye consultation with Shammas Eye Medical Center: headaches, eye pain, double vision, blurry vision, difficulty seeing writing on the chalk board, problems with reading or writing, difficulty paying attention in class, no desire to attend school, and dismal academic performance.

What occurs during a pediatric eye exam?

A pediatric eye exam normally includes the following components. First, an inspection of the eye during which the eye doctor assesses the eyes and eyelids while testing eye muscle movements. For older children, your eye care specialist will also inspect the back of the eye. Corneal light reflex testing is done using a small flashlight, which allows the doctor to reflect light from the front of the cornea. Cover testing will detect eye misalignment. Depending on your child’s age, visual acuity testing will also be done. This involves the use of an eye chart that is presented to the child. They are then asked to read various lines, numbers, and characters.

During your child’s eye exam, be prepared to answer the following questions and others from your eye doctor: has your child ever had an eye injury or damage? Does your child appear to have a clear vision? Do your child’s eyes seem to cross or drift?

Schedule a pediatric exam

If your child has not had their eye health tested recently, schedule an eye exam today. You can reach Shammas Eye Medical Center by calling 310-638-9391 (Lynwood), 562-862-4444 (Downey), 562-690-8887 (La Habra), or 562-464-0590 (Whittier).

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