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If you have diabetes, you likely know that there are some things you need to do every day to make sure you’re healthy and happy. Planning your exercise, managing sugar intake, and eating the right foods are important when it comes to managing your diabetes. Conversely, if you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, you may still be discovering everything you need to adjust for. Did you know, for example, that your diabetes can impact how your eye health is? Keep reading to learn how to keep your eyes healthy when you have diabetes.


Did you know that your chances of developing cataracts increase when you have diabetes? Cataracts are more common in patients with diabetes than patients who do not have diabetes. If your vision is affected, or you feel you can’t see as well while you’re driving or reading, give us a call.

Daily Eye Checks

 To catch issues before they become serious, we recommend that you do a quick check to make sure your eyes are functioning normally. One little test will just take a few seconds every day, so it can be easily done before you go to bed each night. Cover each eye for a few seconds with your hand every day, and test to see if the uncovered eye is still focusing as normal. If there’s anything strange, make sure to give us a call right away.

Diabetic Macular Edema

In a patient with diabetic macular edema, the macula (which is the center part of the retina) thickens. This is a result of leaking in your eyes’ retinal vascular structures. One of the most important eye concerns to watch out for when you have diabetes is diabetic macular edema. Your eye doctor can help find instances of diabetic macular edema, which is why we recommend seeing your eye doctor every year.

Regardless of your health issues, everyone should see an eye doctor every year. It can help prevent issues from getting worse. Please call 310-638-9391 for our Lynwood location, 562-862-4444 for our Downey location, 562-690-8887 for our La Habra location, and 562-464-0590 for our Whittier location.

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