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Holiday Eye HealthWhile the holidays are a fun time to come together with friends and family, many people fail to think about their health during this time of year. Everything from unhealthy eating to children’s toys can have an impact on eye health, so it’s important to take the time to avoid holiday eye hazards. Keep reading to learn about some of the steps you can take to keep you and your family’s eyes healthy this holiday season.

Choose Safe Toys

In 2013 alone, an estimated 257,000 toy-related injuries were treated in emergency rooms, with many of these injuries affecting the head or face. It’s even been reported that 1 in 10 children’s eye injuries treated in emergency rooms can be traced back to toys. So what can be done about this ever-increasing problem?

If you’re shopping for children, avoid toys like arrows, BB guns, paintball guns, darts or airsoft guns, as they can lead to serious eye injuries like corneal abrasion, traumatic cataracts and more. It’s also important to avoid any toys with projectile, protruding or sharp parts, and make sure to pay attention to the listed age recommendations.

Eat for Your Eye Health

While unhealthy eating during the holidays may not cause directly cause any serious eye problems, recent studies have shown that certain foods can benefit your eye health and even reduce the risk for conditions like age-related macular degeneration.

This holiday season, swap sweets for eye-healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables that contain Vitamin C (grapefruit, papaya, tomatoes), dark green leafy vegetables (spinach, collard greens, kale), foods rich in zinc and omega-3 fatty acids (beef, milk, peanuts, fish), and more.

As the end of year is approaching, it’s also important to check your Flexible Spending Accounts. The money in these accounts doesn’t roll over to the following year, so failing to take advantage of your savings now means that money will be lost. If you have money left in your Flex Spending Account, consider using it for LASIK and improve your vision before the year’s end!

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