Keeping Your Eyes Healthy This Winter

  • Posted on: Dec 15 2018
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Winter Eye Care | Lynwood, CAYour eyes may love what winter looks like, but chances are that you don’t love the cold, dry air that comes along with it. In fact, our bodies often have a hard time with winter: our skin tends to get dry and flakey, we’re more likely to get sick, and our eyes get irritated and dry. Keep reading for some of the best tips to keep your eyes healthy this winter.

Dry Eyes During Winter

If you wear contact lenses, the dry air in winter can be especially harsh. Contact lenses cut down on your eyes’ ability to breathe, so consider coming in for an update on your contact lenses or think about buying some eye drops to keep your eyes moist this winter.

A humidifier can help replenish the moisture lost due to cold, dry air. Did you know that artificial heat indoors can dry out the already-dry air inside? If your eyes are feeling dry or irritated, a humidifier can help you feel more comfortable.

Wearing a hood or hat can help protect your eyes, too. Cold bursts of air can dry out your eyes or spread dirt and other irritants in the air right into you. A hood or hat can help block some of that.

Winter Parties

You may not think that there’s much danger in going to a holiday party, but getting ready for parties can cause danger for your eye health. If you’re tempted to share eye makeup, think again. Sharing mascara or eyeliner (even just for a quick touch-up) can lead to exchange of bacteria that can cause infections, irritations, or even the dreaded pink eye. Prevent issues by avoiding sharing anything that can’t be sanitized.

Start the New Year Right

Commit to your eye health in 2019, and schedule an eye exam for the new year!

If you’re interested in learning more about how to keep your eyes healthy this winter, contact us to schedule a consultation. Please call 310-638-9391 for our Lynwood location, 562-862-4444 for our Downey location, 562-690-8887 for our La Habra location, and 562-464-0590 for our Whittier location.

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