Floaters: Are They Serious?

  • Posted on: Oct 15 2018
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Floaters Treatment Lynwood CAYou may have been warned about floaters (bright little lines or dots that pan across your vision for a few seconds), especially if you have a high prescription. But are they really as serious as you’ve been told? Maybe you’ve experienced them randomly, and have never had anyone tell you your eyes are less than perfect. Floaters occur for a number of reasons, but they adon’t always require an emergency call to your doctor. Keep reading to learn about floaters and some of the myths we’ve been told about them.

Floaters are Always Bad

Floaters are not always bad or mean that your eyes are in danger. You may have been warned about them, or you may have never heard about them. Most of the time, floaters are completely harmless. In fact, much of the time, they float (hence the name) along in front of your line of sight for a few moments and then disappear. They don’t hurt and they don’t block your vision. In fact, those little webs, squiggles, and dots might actually be mildly entertaining! For many of us, they’re just little distractions from the rest of your day.

Floaters are Harmless

Before you go thinking that all floaters are completely harmless, remember that they can also be a sign of a serious eye issue. If you’re very nearsighted, have had a cataract operation, or have diabetes, you will have a higher chance of having floaters. In certain patients, these floaters may be coupled with other signs of distress such as flashing lights or a loss of peripheral vision. If your floaters are not going away, or are combined with flashing lights or a loss of vision, then it’s time to call your doctor as soon as possible

Permanent vision loss may occur in certain patients, so if your doctor has specifically warned you to watch out for floaters, then heed their advice.

If you’re concerned about your eye health or have questions about glaucoma or macular degeneration, then give us a call at (847) 677-2794 to schedule a consultation today. Keeping your eyes healthy is important to us!

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