Understanding Your Glaucoma Treatment Options

  • Posted on: Feb 28 2013
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Glaucoma Treatment OptionsLearning you have an eye disease is never easy, especially when that condition can ultimately compromise your vision.  While a glaucoma diagnosis can certainly be a frightening moment, understand that you are not alone, and that modern medicine offers a host of solutions for managing the condition.  But first, what is glaucoma, exactly?

Glaucoma is a disease that affects over 2.2 million Americans, many of whom do not realize they are living with the condition.  Characterized by an increased pressure within the eye, glaucoma can damage the optic nerve and ultimately affect a patient’s vision.  While lost vision cannot be restored, there are ways to effectively manage your glaucoma and prevent future loss of sight. Read on to learn a few of today’s top treatments.

Common Glaucoma Treatments:

  • Eye drops. There are a number of prescription eye drops for managing glaucoma, including prostaglandins, beta blockers, alpha agonists and others.  The goal of these medications is usually to reduce pressure in the eye, either by increasing the outflow of fluid or reducing fluid production.  You and your doctor will discuss which type of eye drop is right for you.
  • Oral medication. If eye drops alone don’t suffice in reducing intraocular pressure, we may prescribe an oral medication, such as a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor.
  • Laser surgery. If medications fail to prove effective, we may recommend laser surgery.  A procedure called laser trabeculoplasty can often be performed in order to allow fluid within the eye to drain more easily. While this will not typically improve a patient’s vision, it can be a crucial step in preventing a further loss of sight.
  • Regular eye exams. One of the most important parts of managing glaucoma is scheduling regular follow-up appointments with your doctor.  During your appointment, we will perform a comprehensive eye exam to monitor the condition and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan.  As glaucoma is a progressive condition, simply ignoring the problem can lead to a worsening of vision and in some cases, total blindness.

While there is currently no cure for glaucoma, it doesn’t have to take over your life.  The key is taking a proactive role in your treatment and regularly consulting with your ophthalmologist.

Glaucoma Treatment in Southern California

To learn more about treating glaucoma, we encourage you to contact us today and schedule an appointment.  Our offices are located in Lynwood, Downey, La Habra and Whittier.  We look forward to serving you.

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