Sun Damage, Macular Degeneration, And Your Eyes

  • Posted on: Jun 15 2018
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Macular Degeneration Lynwood CAThe haze is starting to lift and summer is well on its way. We’re spending more time outside every day: biking, heading to the beach, and even just putting in some extra work in the garden. Many of us in Southern California understand sun, but some of us could use a gentle reminder just how important it is to use sun protection for our eyes (just as we do for our skin). After all, UV radiation can cause all sorts of issues for us if we get too much of it. UV radiation can cause skin cancer as well as serious eye issues like pingueculae (yellow bumps on your eye), pterygia (benign growths that can disfigure your eye), cataracts (clouding of your eyes’ lens), and macular degeneration (deterioration of your eye that can cause difficulty recognizing faces, drive, or do anything that requires seeing fine details).

Keep reading to learn how you may be able to decrease your likelihood of developing these issues.

Avoid High UV Times and Places

Depending on the time of day, UV radiation amounts vary. Avoid being in the sun as much as possible between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM. The higher the altitude you are in, the higher the UV radiation is. Also, keep in mind that being near lakes, rivers, the ocean, or even snow will increase your UV radiation exposure.

Wear Sun Protection

Always have a pair of sunglasses handy so you don’t have to go without them. Find a pair that block all UV rays, but you may also want to find a pair that block HEV rays.

Keep in mind that there are other factors that may contribute to macular degeneration. Age, diet, and even whether or not you are/have been a smoker can all influence macular degeneration.

If you think you may have macular degeneration, or are looking to learn more, we would love to schedule a consultation for you. Please call 310-638-9391 for our Lynwood location, 562-862-4444 for our Downey location, 562-690-8887 for our La Habra location, and 562-464-0590 for our Whittier location.

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