How Will My Eyes Age?

  • Posted on: Sep 15 2018
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Eye Conditions Lynwood CAIf you see your eye doctor once a year, which is what we recommend, then you might be surprised at how much your eyes change from visit to visit. It’s quite common to experience a slight change in your prescription a few years in a row, and then have your eyes stay the same for a few years. How your eyes change depends on your genetics, your environment, and your overall eye health.


Our eyes aren’t perfect when we’re born because they haven’t had to look very far. As we spend more time in the world, our eyes adjust and learn to follow moving objects. They also grow and adapt to color. Did you know that babies see in black and white until they’re around five to eight months old?

Eye issues are difficult to spot during this age, though sensitivity to light and eyes that are red or watery may be signs of issues that should be looked at by a doctor.


By now, our eyes have adjusted enough to give us pretty good hand-eye coordination. They’ve also developed enough to reveal issues like lazy eye or crossed eyes, which should be treated as soon as they are identified.


This is when many of us receive our first pair of glasses, because failing eyes show themselves when tasked with reading the whiteboard at school or reading books.


Though your prescription may stabilize here, it’s still very important to keep your eye health in mind. Make sure to wear sunglasses when you’re outside, and eat foods that give you the vitamins and minerals that will support your eye health.


After we turn forty, our eyes may start to show signs of illness that come as a result of genetics, illness, or strain from working conditions.


When we hit sixty, signs of macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy start to show.

Regardless of age, it’s important to keep track of your eye health. Please call 310-638-9391 for our Lynwood location, 562-862-4444 for our Downey location, 562-690-8887 for our La Habra location, and 562-464-0590 for our Whittier location.

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