Healthy Eyes During Summer

  • Posted on: Jun 15 2019
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As we age, it gets harder to lose those stubborn pounds, and our metabolism slows down. Those greasy burgers didn’t affect us before, but they do now! And, we can’t forget about our eyes. They change as we age too, often showing the damage that has been done to the in years prior.

No matter how old you are, eye health is important and should be protected. Even if you’re on vacation. Ignoring your eye health during the summer can lead to increased chances of developing cataracts or macular degeneration when you’re older. Keep reading to learn how to keep your eyes healthy this summer so you can have great eye health in the future.


Goggles can protect you from the chlorine and other chemicals commonly found in swimming pools. You don’t want bright red, irritated eyes when you’re having a romantic dinner, do you? Another tip: consider throwing away contacts that you’ve worn in the pool, as they can harbor bacteria that could lead to an infection.

Eye Protection

If you’re the type to work outside and get things done, you should be wearing protective goggles. You could risk getting a splinter or a piece of metal in your eye if you’re using power tools without eye protection. They’re fairly cheap and easy to wear. Protect your eyes when you’re out working and you’ll be grateful to have healthy eyes.

Drink Water

In the summer, we’re more likely to sweat and become dehydrated. When we’re really dehydrated, our eyes can’t make tears and keep our eyes as moist as they should be. Drinking enough water can help keep your eyes functioning well, so they can keep out dust and other irritants.

Eye Exam

It’s important to understand if your eyes are changing, either in prescription or in overall health. Before your kids go back to school, they should have an eye exam performed. Often poor work in class can be linked to not being able to see the board clearly, which is very frustrating! Thankfully, we can help fit your child for glasses so they can excel.

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