How to Correct Astigmatism with Premium Toric Intraocular Lens

  • Posted on: Jul 15 2019
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At Shammas Eye Medical Center, we can evaluate patients to determine if they are a good fit for a variety of procedures. For example, patients who have been diagnosed with an astigmatism may want to learn about the advantages of having premium toric intraocular lenses placed.

What is an astigmatism?

An astigmatism is best described as an irregularly shaped cornea. This can result in curvature of the eye that can distort or blur one’s vision. When an astigmatism is present, it may result in specific complications that can be corrected with premium toric intraocular lenses.

What is a toric IOL?

IOL is an acronym for intraocular lens. These lenses are specially designed to treat patients who have astigmatism and nearsightedness or farsightedness. Similar to the way toric soft contact lenses work, a toric IOL can correct astigmatism due to the different powers and meridians. These lenses have markings on the peripheral area of the lens that are used to help the surgeon ensure optimal alignment and correction. The toric IOL is implanted during a procedure to address poor vision due to astigmatisms.

Why choose a toric IOL?

While many patients are pleased with the use of vision correction options such as toric soft contact lenses for daily wear, some desire a more permanent correction alternative. With the use of toric IOLs, patients can worry less about their vision and spend more time living their life! Many patients who have troubles with contact lenses such as dry eyes and infections may be a good candidate for a permanent option such as this. Our doctor will determine if a patient is a proper choice for this or other alternative solutions available.

Speak to a provider today about premium toric intraocular lenses for astigmatism correction

Patients in the area of Southern California who are interested in discussing the use of premium toric intraocular lenses for distortion correction are encouraged to take the time to learn about their options with the team at Shammas Eye Medical Center. Dr. H. John Shammas and his team of providers can assess patients for candidacy and can educate individuals on the process of using these lenses for the correction of astigmatism and other vision concerns.

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